Policosanol Side Effects

policosanol Policosanol Side Effects

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By: Dr. Sam Robbins & Dr. Spring Chen
Topic: Using Policosanol to naturally, quickly and safely reduce your cholesterol and triglycerides levels, while optimizing both your LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) & HDL (High-density lipoprotein) levels — WITHOUT negative side-effects, or change in diet or exercise. It’s an effective remedy, treatment and alternative cure/solution.

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So How Effective Is Policosanol To Lower Cholesterol & Triglycerides?

Policosanol is a natural supplement derived from sugar cane. The main ingredient is octacosanol. Octacosanol is an alcohol found in the waxy film that plants have over their leaves and fruit.

Why People Use Policosanol

  • To Lower Total and LDL Cholesterol
  • To Raise HDL Cholesterol

Policosanol has been shown to normalize cholesterol as well or better than cholesterol-lowering drugs, without side effects such as liver dysfunction and muscle atrophy (Mas et al. 1999). Efficacy and safety have been proven in numerous clinical trials, and it has been used by millions of people in other countries. Policosanol lowers harmful LDL-cholesterol and raises protective HDL-cholesterol. HDL-cholesterol removes plaque from arterial walls.

In the last few years, clinical research has also discovered other effects, including reducing symptoms of an enlarged prostate, improving the control of blood sugar among people with diabetes, and reducing inflammation among patients with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.


When selecting a good Policosanol supplement, make sure it contains specific “octacosanol” form and NOT the cheaper form of “beta-sistosterol”, which is better suited for prostate inflammation and NOT cholesterol reduction.

But, don’t go out and spend your money on Policosanol just yet…

So, What’s YOUR Best Solution?…

I’ll be honest with you. No single ingredient works at 100% effectiveness forever, let alone for every person. And that includes Policosanol or any other single herb or nutrient.

Think about it. Just like you don’t eat only broccoli for best health, you don’t want to use only one herb or nutrient either.

The best products use Policosanol, in conjunction with other key ingredients, at specific dosages to dramatically help with Lower Cholesterol & Triglycerides. Other key ingredients you should look for when purchasing a product, which also work in synergy with Policosanol are:

  • Sytrinol®
  • Co-Q10
  • Red Rice Yeast (make sure it’s 10:1 Extract – with citrinin removed)
  • Garlic Extract (make sure it’s Deodorized with 1.3% alliin)
  • Pantesin® d-Pantethine
  • Guggulsterones (make sure it’s 10% Pure Extract; E and Z)
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract (make sure it’s 15% Chlorogenic Acid, 5% Cynarin)
  • Phytosterols Complex

Additionally, whatever product you select – make sure it has a liver cleansing formula (because that’s where cholesterol problems first start) and something to reduce Homocysteine levels (which is 43% cause of heart attacks). This is REALLY IMPORTANT!

When combined with the above ingredients, it creates a “synergy” where you get MORE positive effects, at a much LOWER dose. That’s the secret!…

Confused? Too Many Options & Choices?
Here’s What Other People Have Done…

Now, you might be thinking, “Geez, I don’t want to take 20-30 pills a day, buying a bunch of bottles and herbs” and I don’t blame you. Who has the time OR money.

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Fortunately, there’s now a proven product called CholesLo®, which contains the above key ingredients, in specific extracted dosages — in addition to a couple other helpful ingredients. The feedback has been amazing and since the product has been around for years, you know it works and it’s safe!

Michael, a father of 3 who has been dealing with these problems for over 2 decades, said it best:

“CholesLo® has dramatically reduced my cholesterol levels, improved my HDL and LDL ratios to the point that even my doctor is (happily and surprisingly) amazed. The best part, I don’t have any of the horrible and negative side-effects that I did when I used Lipitor® and other prescription cholesterol medications. I’m extremely happy and grateful!”

What YOU Should Do Next…

After the above proof, I’m sure you can agree that this ingredient works! It’s clinically proven and it’s safe (both short and long-term usage). Some say it works as well as prescription drugs, but without the side-effects. But it should NOT be used alone, because it works better with a few other key ingredients (synergy!).

What you should do next is Click HERE and give CholesLo® a try. Watch their free video and get their free newsletter too… Whatever you do, don’t take prescription drugs because long-term negative effects and habit forming side-effects is NOT worth it.

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Quickly Reduce Cholesterol

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540+ Published Studies
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– Dramatically Reduce BOTH Cholesterol & Triglycerides

– Easily optimize HDL/LDL ratios for optimal lipid profiles

– Quickly cleanse & repair the LIVER (where cholesterol problems begin)

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Quickly Reduce Cholesterol

heart attack Wx150 Policosanol Side Effects

540+ Published Studies
Reveal How You Can:

– Dramatically Reduce BOTH Cholesterol & Triglycerides

– Easily optimize HDL/LDL ratios for optimal lipid profiles

– Quickly cleanse & repair the LIVER (where cholesterol problems begin)

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Policosanol Side Effects And Positives

Polycosanol or Policosanol is used for different kinds of treatments like reducing high levels of triglycerides, intermittent claudicating and also in lowering levels of alcohol. Platelets can develop stickiness in certain cases which can be reduced by the use of polycosanol. Just as a pharmaceutical drug called aspirin has good effects on the platelet stickiness reduction, even polycosanol has proved to be very effective in treating platelet stickiness.Besides Policosanol side effects and positives are sufficiently promising for the drug to be recommended for   treating heart diseases. Benefits of polycosanol are many. Policosanol Policosanol Side Effects And Positives


Antioxidant benefits:

It helps in protecting the liver, has antioxidant benefits, can treat very high levels of blood pressure, treats coronary heart diseases, works as an inhibitor for platelet aggregation and also prevents strokes as well. Before you consider the positives of Policosanol it is very necessary to understand what exactly this chemical compound is. Different kinds of waxy alcohols totaling up to eight alcohols are available in a mixture form in polycosanol. It is from sugarcane wax which is a plant product that this is obtained.

  • Sugarcane wax and beehives wax

Besides sugarcane wax it is also obtained from beehives as well but the polycosanol obtained from beehives is not a very genuine product. A lot of research continues on effectiveness of polycosanol on human body, and especially high cholesterol levels.

  • Ongoing research in the present times

In countries like Latin America as well as Cuba many clinical trials as well as extensive research have already been conducted in the past and much research is ongoing as well to indicate the effectiveness or benefits of polycosanol on the body. On intake of this chemical it has been found that levels of cholesterol can get lowered by about 17% to 21%.

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Difference in clinical trials still continues:

Levels of bad cholesterol can get lowered by 21% to around 30%. Besides this it has also proven to be effective in increasing good cholesterol levels by 7% to around 30%. In countries like South America especially and Cuba, polycosanol has been extensively used in getting the cholesterol levels lowered. There still continues to be some kind of difference between the clinical trials and research conducted in the past and the studies that are being conducted in the present times. People suffering from coronary heart disease have been able to benefit from polycosanol use as indicated by studies conducted earlier.

Symptoms of angina were reduced due to administration of polycosanol especially during exercise and rest and also enhanced intake capacity of oxygen was noticed.  Even though research has already been conducted so far on Policosanol side effects and positives, researchers are still interested in conducting many more studies to confirm a number of things yet. Intermittent claudification or improving walking distance in individuals is also one important health aspect that can be treated. Polycosanol has proved to be very effective in improving the circulation in the legs and thus improving walking ability. Side effects or negatives of Policosanol or Policosanol are very few like dizziness, skin rash and an upset stomach and can easily be treated.

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Policosanol Side Effects

To determine the efficacy and also the safety of polycosanol a number of studies as well as research has already been conducted on animals and humans as well. Research is ongoing to understand Policosanol side effects and maximum benefits of using this natural supplement. When rats were administered mega doses of this natural supplement which otherwise a human would take, it was found that toxicity levels were not indicated. Besides rats, experiments were also conducted on dogs as well as monkeys and were given mega doses of Policosanol for a long term and it was found that the toxic levels were very low. Policosanol Policosanol Side Effects


Large doses to be avoided:

Even rodents were given large doses, no cancer resulted in them. As far as metabolism of drugs is concerned it was found that this natural supplement does not interfere with it at all. In certain patients it has been seen that they suffer from Policosanol  side effects like loss of weight, while others experience polyuria or excess or frequent urination, headaches were experienced by some of the patients, etc. Besides this few other side effects have also been experienced by individuals like constipation, increase in appetite termed as polyphagia, dizziness, nervousness, excitability, somnolence, epigastric pain, hypotension, rash on skin, hypertension and diarrhea.

  • Numbness in legs and arms

Studies also indicate that certain individuals could also experience Policosanol side effects like numbness in the legs and arms, change in speech and vision as well.

  • Stop consumption if needed

It is important to remember not to ignore harmful effects at all. A good idea would be to immediately stop the consumption of this natural supplement called polycosanol.

  • Interactions with other drugs could be serious

In case you have been taking this drug with other kinds of pharmaceutical drugs then the interactions that could result could be very serious indeed.

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Consider allergic reactions:

It is for this reason that it is advisable to understand Policosanol side effects and contact a doctor or a health provider first and then only administer this natural supplement on yourself. It is also very necessary to find out if at all any kind of allergic reactions are caused due to misuse or not as some people are very sensitive to medications of certain kinds. It is through various studies, that is has been possible to find out an approximate dosage, and it is due to this that the doctor’s advice is strictly necessary. Risk of bleeding increases in case an overdose of polycosanol is taken.

Internal bleeding in the body can prove to be a dangerous Policosanol side effect and hence it is vital to take care and stick to an appropriate dosage and avoid overdose. Research also indicates that polycosanol can be taken in combination with other drugs like ulcer drugs, calcium antagonists, diuretics, anti anxiety drugs, thyroid hormones, vasodilators, antidepressants, diuretics, etc. The synthesis of cholesterol gets blocked by a mechanism called polycosanol. As compared to statin drugs, this natural supplement is considered to be much more beneficial to the human body.

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Policosanol Reports And Reviews

It is mostly from sugarcane that a wax called polycosanol is derived from and in certain cases it is derived from beehives as well. As far as nutrition is concerned, polycosanol is considered according to Policosanol reports and reviews a great nutritional source but an important thing to note is that synthesis of this product cannot be done by the body. The human body also needs nutrients which need to be externally provided. Problems related to the heart can be best cured with Policosanol. When the body’s blood circulation is poor then health issues are sure to crop up. Policosanol Policosanol Reports And Reviews


Reduction in blood vessels blockage:

It is very necessary for the blood to flow to all the areas of the body, so that nutrition gets absorbed by the body equally which increases Policosanol demand. When health issues start especially when related to the heart, they first begin from the arteries which then later on extend to the blood vessels as indicated by Policosanol reports and reviews. Blood vessels get blocked due to high levels of bad cholesterol which in turn could lead to cardiac related health problems. Cholesterol of two kinds is present in the body in some individuals that is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

Depending upon the levels of LDL that is low density lipoproteins and HDL that is high density lipoprotein, it is decided whether the cholesterol is good or bad.

  • Important role of polycosanol:

When oxidization of LDL takes place an enzyme is produced, which in turn leaves lesions in the arterial lining. It is in such a case that an important role is played by polycosanol.

  • Prevents lesions in arteries

Oxidation of LDL gets inhibited and besides this the formation of lesion gets prevented inside the arteries. As indicated by reports with the help of polycasonol the blood vessels as well as arteries get cleaned and thus the problems related to the heart are removed.

optin 2 Policosanol Reports And Reviews

Consider superior product only:

It is best to check reviews and then consider polycosanol that is made from sugarcane only as it is considered as genuine polycosanol. Desired results cannot be obtained from other sources as they are of the inferior kind. It is advisable to take around 5mg to 10mg of this natural supplement per day for it to be effective enough. The doctor’s advice is very necessary if you have to take this natural supplement according to the Policosanol reports and reviews. It is advisable not to take it on your own as it could lead to an overdose which in turn could cause certain side effects as well.

Having a holistic approach towards this nutritional aspect is a good idea. Just taking polycosanol is not sufficient enough as it is also necessary to check Policosanol feedback and take complete nutrition along with this supplement as well. Instead of just dealing with the cardiac issue in isolation, it is advisable to also consider a healthy diet along with polycosanol as well.  Many of the websites dedicated to this natural supplement have detailed Policosanol reports and reviews and information on methods of adopting this supplement for leading a healthy life.

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Policosanol Products And Features

Polycosanol is a natural supplement which is being popularly used in the treatment of a number heart ailments or cardio vascular diseases. It is from sugarcane that polycosanol is derived and not from beehive wax. There are some manufacturers who derive this natural supplement from the hives of bees but this cannot be termed the original polycosanol. Only the one that is derived from sugarcane does have a positive effect on heart ailments in individuals. As far as the health of the body is concerned, this particular product with the Policosanol ingredients and qualities proves to be very useful. Policosanol Policosanol Products And Features

Be aware of side effects:

Just like the statin drugs, this product too is very effective in lowering cholesterol levels in the body. A lot of side effects are produced by prescription drugs, like concentration difficulties, sexual dysfunction, myopathy, depression, pain in the joints, changes in the mood, loss of memory, pain in the abdomen, fatigue, dizziness, peripheral neuropathy, headaches etc. However polycosanol products certainly have greater potency as compared to prescription drugs if it is taken in moderate amounts. It has great capacity to increase good cholesterol levels or the HDL levels and at the same time it can reduce LDL or the low cholesterol levels.

By doing this the levels of cholesterol get decreased by a greater percentage that is to an approximate 20%.

  • Effective antioxidant

Besides these benefits there are many other benefits to this natural supplement as well. It proves to be an effective antioxidant and thus prevents blood clot formation which in turn could lead to heart attacks and strokes as well.

  • Prevention of lesions on arteries

On the walls of the arteries, lesions are caused due to increase in cholesterol levels and this gets prevented when polycosanol is taken in moderate quantities. There are a number of effective ways of taking this supplement which has genuine Policosanol features and one of the best ways is to take it through a multivitamin if you want to gain the maximum benefits.

optin 2 Policosanol Products And Features

Taking polycosanol alongside multivitamins

A good idea would be to take polycosanol alongside multivitamins. The antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts besides this natural supplement are very necessary for the body if at all optimum benefits have to be got. You will need to make sure that the body gets all essential natural ingredients or Policosanol elements only. As compared to the natural ones, the synthetic ingredients do not prove to be very effective on the body.

In the case of fillers and binders in the artificial products, the absorption levels in the stomach can get largely affected. Heart attacks can be prevented and blood pressure levels can be reduced by taking polycosanol. Blood vessels remain clear of cholesterol as well. Before making the final purchase you will need to ensure if the product is genuine or not. Conduct your own research and go through reviews on Policosanol products and features besides checking if a money back guarantee is offered as well before product selection.

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Policosanol Positive Effects

Side effects that are very unfavorable can be caused by certain drugs called statin or other pharmaceutical drugs. It is for this reason that a natural product like polycosanol is preferred for its Policosanol positive effects as compared to pharmaceutical products. Since Policosanol product has gained immense popularity all over the world, a large number of people are now familiar with this natural supplement and the kind of positive effects it has on health. Not only is longevity increased but even health is increased. This substance by now is considered miraculous due to the many benefits it has wrought on the human body. Policosanol Policosanol Positive Effects


Side effects not severe:

However it must be noted that it does come attached with a few side effects besides positive effects as well but these are not too severe. Anyone who takes it can certainly find it safe with its Policosanol positive effects and it is most appealing for individuals who struggle to manage their cholesterol levels. Certain side effects like nausea, rash on the skin and upset stomach etc can also be experienced but such kinds of symptoms can go away fast. It is from a plant source like sugarcane that this nutritional supplement called polycosanol is generally obtained. Levels of LDL get regulated and besides this HDL levels also get regulated. Certain benefits are:

  • longevity of life increased
  • manages cholesterol levels
  • walking disabilities can get improved
  • better liver functioning
  • regulates heart beats
  • aids digestion
  • benefits overall health
  • improves skin texture
  • treats gastrointestinal disorders
  • treats constipation

Ongoing research

Research as well as studies is ongoing to understand how this natural supplement polycosanol with Policosanol positive effects works on the body.

  • Provides protection to liver

Liver gets severely affected with excess cholesterol in the body and this natural supplement helps in decreasing cholesterol amounts in the body.

optin 2 Policosanol Positive Effects

Take in moderation:

In many of the nutrition and drug stores this supplement is popularly available. You can purchase it in pills, capsule, fluid, extracts or even powdered form depending upon the manufacturer. Polycosanol needs to be taken in moderation only and the recommended dosage is around 5 mg to around 10 mg per day. Even if it is taken twice a day as per the recommended dose it proves to be very safe on health.  Other natural merits of polycosanol or Policosanol are that intermittent claudicating symptoms that include walking disabilities caused due to crippling of the feet or legs can get improved.  This kind of condition is dealt with well thus enabling them to walk properly.

Even if there are many benefits coming from taking this natural supplement, it also has certain side effects as well. It is derived from plants definitely but it does produce certain side effects for sure. While some of the side effects are severe, the rest are mild. Irritability, nausea, insomnia, vomiting, loss of weight, dizziness, increase in appetite, headaches, indigestion etc. are the other symptoms that some people can experience.

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Policosanol Overdose Effects

Besides sugarcane there are many other sources from which polycosanol is obtained. Policosanol is not a drug but a dietary supplement which is commonly used in treating a number of ailments or health conditions. The only thing is that research is ongoing and as yet sufficient evidence has not been made available by scientists in determining whether or not this supplement is fully effective on the human body. Many experiments have already been conducted on animals and continue to be conducted for understanding positive effects of this supplement and polycosanol overdose effects. Policosanol Policosanol Overdose Effects


Understand how it works!

Certain conditions that affect health like high levels of cholesterol, heart conditions, blood vessels and poor circulation of blood, pain in legs are due to improper blood circular circulation and also narrowing of the blood vessels. Most of the body systems that get affected indirectly affect the heart as well. Before you administer polycosanol on yourself it is very necessary to understand how it works in the first place. As far as breaking down of LDL is concerned and decreasing production levels of cholesterol in the liver are concerned, polycosanol proves to be very effective. Bad cholesterol gets effectively reduced when polycosanol is taken in proper dosage.

  • Reduces clot formation

Clot formation in blood also gets reduced as stickiness in blood particles that are better known as platelets also gets reduced by administering polycosanol. Polycosanol is a natural health supplement which can certainly have a positive effect on the body.

  • Heals the body inside out

One of the best things it can do for the body is to reduce high cholesterol levels in the body. The natural effect of polycosanol is quite appealing, which is an important reason for this ingredient to be very popular in treatment of patients. Different kinds of debilitating diseases are caused due to high cholesterol levels and if proper care is not taken and are not understood, it can prove to be fatal as well.

optin 2 Policosanol Overdose Effects

Safe but can be serious at times:

This natural supplement is very safe to take but serious negative harmful effects are caused only due to excessive consumption. There are certain precautions that you will need to take if you may suffer from a few side effects of the polycosanol supplement. When an overdose is taken then it can lead to nausea, insomnia as well as stomach upset. It is advisable to discontinue use of pharmaceutical drugs when you take polycosanol herbal supplement.

If both the treatments are taken simultaneously, then it can lead to hyperactivity in the body thus leading to imbalance and polycosanol overdose effects in the systems of various organs in the body. In case you want to gain the most out of the polycosanol herbal supplement then it would also be necessary to follow a few important tips as well. The first thing to do is to take prescribed dosages only. If it is mixed with other kinds of herbal extractions and taken, it can prove to be safe as well, and this has been well proved by researchers as well as scientists all over the world.

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Policosanol Overdose

It is from sugarcane wax that is purified that Policosanol or polycosanol which is an agent for lowering cholesterol is basically obtained. When tested on animals it has been found that the risk of formation of atheroma gets reduced with Polycosanol. It encourages lower levels of cholesterol by approximately 13% to 23%; however polycosanol overdose must be avoided. Besides this LDL or low density lipoprotein levels of cholesterol get lowered by 19% to 31% and increase in HDL or high density lipoprotein takes place from 8% to 29%. While the clearance of LDL gets enhanced, their capacity of lowering cholesterol is thought to occur by reduction through the process of hepatic cholesterol biosynthesis. Policosanol Policosanol Overdose


Prevention of cardiovascular disease:

  • Prevents cardiovascular disease

Effects of lowering cholesterol can be seen to occur well and is tolerated well by animals during tests using Policosanol as compared to statins. One of the sources that are most promising in cardiovascular disease prevention is polycosanol as has been suggested by researchers.

  • Cures type 2 diabetes

Bio-studies have also been conducted on a pilot basis by many of the researchers as well in which patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes and dyslipidemia to compare the effect that polycosanol had, on these diseases besides the effect of lovastatin on lipid peroxidastion and lipid profile.

In the bio-studies conducted, it had been found that as compared to lovastatin which if taken in 20 mg amount per day, proved to be less effective as compared to polycosanol which was taken at the rate of 10 mg per day in reducing the level of cholesterol and also preventing oxidation of LDL. It must be understood well that polycosanol overdose does cause certain side effects as well even if it is considered as a natural product. Symptoms caused by excess intake of polycosanol can be quite bothersome like up stomach upsets, insomnia as well as dizziness.

optin 2 Policosanol Overdose

Polycosanol is a dietary supplement, not drug!

While some of the side effects are not too serious, some of the side effects can be quite serious for which reporting to the doctor becomes very necessary.  Allergic reactions, getting bruised easily, starting to bleed easily, internal bleeding, etc are some of the serious polycosanol side effects caused by Policosanol over-consumption. Polycosanol is basically not a drug but a dietary supplement. While in some countries extensive studies on this supplement have not been fully conducted, in some of the countries, the studies have been initiated and are ongoing.

On practical experience on the product and as per some of the studies conducted so far a good amount of information is available, however. Symptoms caused by polycosanol are not too dangerous but can be particularly bothersome if overdose occurs. Drowsiness, redness of skin, excessive appetite and overeating, migraines, irritability, insomnia, loss of weigh, pain while urinating, etc are some of the symptoms experienced as well. It is advisable to take the right dosage as prescribed by the physician only as polycosanol overdose can lead to serious side effects.

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Policosanol Negative Effects

Since centuries Policosanol has been around and has proven to be far more effective as compared to pharmaceutical drugs. The extraction and purification method used in manufacturing this natural supplement is at 70 to 80C melting point. This substance is insoluble in water. One of the main reasons why polycosanol is used is because it is effective in cholesterol regulation. Cholesterol is present in every human body in specific amounts, but when its level increases it can lead to many serious heart ailments and can cause liver damage as well. Levels of cholesterol can be best reduced with proper intake of polycosanol. Policosanol Policosanol Negative Effects


Breathing difficulty and skin itching:

  • Reduction in blood clot formation

Blood clot formation gets reduced and blood vessels get strengthened with polycosanol intake. Migraines, diarrhea and pain while urinating are some of the bothersome Policosanol negative effects.

  • Difficulty in breathing and hives

Difficulty in breathing, itching in the skin, hives and swelling of the face and throat are the other negative effects or symptoms that individuals can experience.

Many of the aliphatic alcohols of primary nature like etratriacontanol, tetracosanol, triacontanol, hexacosanol, dotriacontanol, heptacosanol, octacosanol and nonacosanol are present in polycosanol in a mixture.

Cerebral ischemia and atherosclerotic lesions too in the Mongolian gerbils have been positively affected as seen in many of the studies conducted so far. People suffering from type 2 hypercholesterolaemia are able to experience reduction in cholesterol due to polycosanol or policosanol. When other agents for lowering cholesterol levels are used in combination, it has been seen that polycosanol works effectively in combination. The effectiveness of getting cholesterol lowered gets intensified with this natural ingredient besides aggregation of the omega3fattty acids of platelets has been seen in animals.

optin 2 Policosanol Negative Effects

Intermittent claudicating symptom reduction

It has been seen through research and studies that polycosanol has lesser harmful effects on lowering cholesterol as compared to statins.  The suggested dosage is around 5 mg to 10 mg per day which can be taken two times a day. As compared to statins or pharmaceutical drugs this natural supplement proves to be more effective in lowering bad cholesterol in humans and at the same time effective in increasing levels of good cholesterol in the body. This supplement certainly does have potential benefits as well like intermittent claudicating symptom reduction. Besides this it has also proved to be very effective in improvement of walking distances as ticlopidine as well.

Instead of using drugs like lovastatin in this treatment it is better to use polycosanol a natural supplement. Even cardiovascular conditions can be treated well with this safe and secure herb to avoid overdose effects. As per experiments conducted on rats it has been found that aggregation of platelets in rats gets inhibited on administering polycosanol and that too in a treatment of just four weeks. Though this natural supplement is safe to take, the benefits of it can be experienced only after a few days. Taking the doctor’s advice is very necessary if you want to take polycosanol and thus avoid Policosanol negative effects.

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Policosanol Natural Supplements

Proliferation of cells in the arteries appears to get reduced due to effective use of Policosanol natural supplements. Arteries if lined by smooth layer of cells can be termed as healthy and without any kind of resistance are able to allow the blood to pass well.  In case the arteries get diseased the cells tend to overgrow and in turn start getting very thick in turn. This leads to narrowing of the arteries and the blood is not able to flow through the arteries very well. Policosanol Policosanol Natural Supplements


Prevents narrowing of arteries:

When the arteries get narrowed, the flow of blood gets blocked completely or gets slowed down. In such a case it is best to get yourself treated with a natural supplement called Policosanol. This particular health supplement has greater abilities to stop the proliferation of the arterial cells. Different research groups have different kinds of findings. The findings of one of the groups indicate that this natural supplement has the ability to stop the overgrowth of the cells. Statin drugs are otherwise very popular but they are also known to cause certain side effects as well. In comparison to statin drugs it is better to take a natural supplement like polycosanol.

  • Increases good cholesterol

Cholesterol levels need to be maintained at proper levels in the body. This can be done by increasing the level of good cholesterol and in turn lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the body.

The other team of researchers indicates that when polycosanol natural extracts is taken in combination with a number of other statin drugs, the effectiveness of the drugs can be largely experienced in the patients.

  • Treating blood clots

Clotting of blood in the body can prove to be very dangerous and to treat such a problem it is advised that polycosanol can prove to be effective in such a treatment.

optin 2 Policosanol Natural Supplements

Works synergistically with medication:

Polycosanol is known to work synergistically with a medication called aspirin as well. Even if medical research states that aspirin is good enough in treating platelet aggregation the research that has been conducted so far indicates that aspirin in combination with polycosanol proves to be much more effective. The levels of thromboxane too have a positive effect caused due to polycosanol Policosanol male enhancers. As far as heart disease and menopause in women is considered, polycosanol proves to be very effective to use. Progesterone and estrogen which are female hormones play a major role in providing an effect that is protective against cardiovascular diseases. The levels of female hormones start dropping when women go through the menopause phase.

At the same time, the level of cholesterol could get alleviated and risk of cardiovascular disease could get increased. Studies on women suffering from menopause have shown that they have responded well to the treatment of Policosanol. Besides this the risk of cardiovascular disease also gets reduced due to proper natural uses and administration of this natural supplement on the body. Patients suffering from type 2 diabetes too have showed positive response when Policosanol natural supplements were administered on them.

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